When is TOOLSPACE opening?

We are currently working on opening as soon as possible. If we work out our agreements with our partners, we expect to open the BETA version this fall.

Where will TOOLSPACE be located?

TOOLSPACE will be centrally located in Stockholm, Sweden. We are currently looking at multiple locations and must consider logistical factors, technical requirements and the layout. Our goal is to make TOOLSPACE easily accessible.

How much does it cost to be a member of TOOLSPACE?

We will have various memberships. It’s too early to state an exact price. Our mission is to connect people to create new things and we want the price to be at a level were dedicated people can afford to come, more importantly our memberships will be non binding, so you pay just for the months you use the TOOLSPACE.

What kind of equipment will TOOLSPACE have?

What equipment won’t you have, is the better question. We will have tools that range from 3D printing, to water jets, welding equipment, laser cutters, textile lab, plastic lab, electronics lab and much more. If you want to make things our goal is that you should not need to leave the building.

How can I help TOOLSPACE?

Tell your friends! Share the word and drop us an email telling about what you specifically would like us to offer.

If I have an IP related product?

You must consider that TOOLSPACE is an open place and the core belief is that sharing knowledge, challenges and ideas only better your designs! There will be many skillful people, from many different backgrounds, helping each other to create amazing things. Your presence can only strengthen the community. However, we will have private rooms available should any IP or secret related needs arise. In case that this isn’t enough, we have contacts (design companies, prototyping firms) and they will help you out.

Who can join?

Who cannot join, is the best way to answer the question.
That is because Toolspace, will be a commercially open community. However, our passions revolve around helping DIY’ers turn their dreams and ideas into a reality. This means that you may have 20 years of experience in building, cutting or welding, or perhaps you have 0 experience. That makes no difference at Toolspace though, as we will have affordable courses available for you to learn all the needed information required to use our machinery. Aside from this, we know that those with experience will also be available to give advice or make suggestions for your projects as well. After all, this will be a builder community, so we must help each other out. 🙂

Tell your friends! Share the word and drop us an email telling about what you specifically would like us to offer.