Empowering a sustainable tomorrow

  • 200+ sqm wood, steel, textile, electric workshop and more

  • state of the art machines and tools

  • all knowledge to bring your ideas to life

  • a community of skillful people helping each other

  • incubation programmes and connections with leading innovation companies


A space where all the tools and competence can be found to transform your ideas into reality. A space to embrace innovation and grow your network.

the LAB

Machines, tools, and skillful staff; all there for you to transform your ideas into reality. Prototype and evaluate!


Office space for you to run your business efficiently.


Courses to make you an expert at making your ideas come true.


A community of professionals devoted to making and creating!

LAB Access



You need a place to work and meet new connections to be able to take your idea to the next level. Get help to develop your prototype and still be able to answer mail and run your business. 


Company access

You come from a company and want to take part of a community to grow innovation and  evaluate your ideas. Connect knowledge and network to take your company and ideas to the next level. 


Instant access

You have a deadline. We’ve packed this offer with extras to make you’re ride less bumpy. You get access to all tools, free support from our staff, including education on the machines. Wish you a smooth ride!

a community and space where all the tools and competence
can be found to transform your idea into reality.

Deloitte reported over a 50% increase in patentable ideas after 3 months of memberships at a TOOLSPACE like workshops in USA.

TechCrunch reports about the new way of doing business is a shift from the historic model where innovation was monopolized by big companies. Makers now have the opportunity to build cutting-edge products not only in software.

CNN reports that access to a TOOLSPACE like workshop has created a hub for the Maker movement and a place where start-ups come to get started.

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